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WOW! Great ideas here on how to teach history so that it’s not just a bunch of boring facts! Even if you’re not a homeschool mom, the resources and ideas mentioned here are applicable for all families wanting to engage kids in the fascinating people of history!

5 Secrets to Make History Come Alive for Kids

Rote facts. Boring dates. And lots of battle names to memorize. Was this how you learned history as a child? Sure, history can be dry and lifeless… unless we learn how to truly engage with the historical period and make it come alive. History needs to be pondered, savored and experienced. It needs to be multi-sensory […]

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Best Ways to Teach Math in Your Homeschool

Math is not my favorite subject! And yet, as a homeschool mom I have four children who need to learn math. Do you need to know how to teach math to your kids too (even though you’re no math genius either)? I’ve tried lots of different math curriculums and learned that the best ways how […]

Here are fun homeschool science curriculum and resources. Are your favorites featured? Don't miss all the great ideas!

Fabulously Fun Science Curriculum Ideas

Homeschool science is one of those subjects where at-home learning really comes in handy! Kids love it (it’s pretty hard to do science without some sort of huge, messy, potentially explosive activity from time to time)! And the possibilities for fun science projects and science experiments are endless! Here are our family’s favorite fun ways to teach homeschool […]

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How to Find a Homeschool Learning Rhythm for Your Family

How’s your homeschool year going? No I mean it… how’s it really going? Do you feel like you’ve found a homeschool rhythm for your family? Or maybe you started out using a homeschool planner but found that you’ve strayed from your daily homeschool activities? Oh friend, I’ve so been there! In fact, I’m asking you the “how’s […]