Day 1 Video Teaching

Hello there! I’m so glad that you’re joining me for this free 3-day Bible study on how to study the Bible and grow closer to God.

As humans we’re created with a longing in our hearts to be fully known and loved by our Creator--the same person who made the incredible world around us. It’s an awe-inspiring privilege to walk with God each day, and I want to give you a taste of what that’s like in this workshop.

Each day will have a “now what” action step to make our learning powerful and practical. Plus we’ll have links to additional resources (related podcast episodes and posts from the Vibrant Christian Living site) to help you dig deeper into the topic.

Since today is Day 1, I’m also including additional resources (on the video page) on how to complete these worksheets (known as the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ Worksheets) and how to do the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method, my simple-yet-powerful way for understanding and applying a Bible verse in only a few minutes a day. 

STEP 1: Complete Day 1 Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ worksheet.

If you’re familiar with the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™ and the 5Rs Bible Study™ Method, download the Day 1 worksheet and get started now. If not, be sure to watch the first part of today’s video so you can learn the steps.

STEP 2: Watch the Day 1 video teaching. 

Once you’ve complete today’s worksheet, watch the rest of the video above to learn more and gain additional insights into the verse.


Ask yourself this question: What in my life might be keeping me from experiencing the deep love of God?