124: Trusting God As We Follow God-Sized Dreams with Rachel Swanson


Has God asked you to step out in faith to pursue God-sized dreams or a life calling that feels scary and overwhelming? Even if we have a strong relationship with God, all kinds of negative thoughts and fear can arise when we step into a new season of trusting God with our life calling and big dreams. 
Today my guest Rachel Swanson and I are talking about listening to God when He calls us to pursue a God-sized dream, specifically how to stay strong and have courage to follow your dreams as you walk by faith and manage the negative emotions and fear that comes when we step out in faith.
In today’s episode Rachel shares her story of when she and her family stepped out in faith and found new courage to follow a God-sized adventure. If you’re needing encouragement that God will walk with you and give you courage as you trust Him with your dreams, then today’s episode will really speak to your heart!
Rachel Swanson is the best-selling author of Refine + Restore: Revive Your Heart, Release Your Purpose. She’s also a speaker and accredited Christian life coach, and she lives with her family in southern Idaho. 


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