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Feeling exhausted from constantly trying to fix everything? Join me as I share eight ways we can practice letting go of control and fully surrendering to God.

187: Pt 2: How to Step Into Surrender When You Can’t Stop Trying to Fix Your Life

Welcome to the second half of this two-part conversation about active surrender. In Part 1 of our conversation, we discussed what having a posture of active surrender really means, and what keeps us from fully surrendering to God.  Today we’re talking about how to step into active surrender, specifically 8 ways we can release our […]

How do you give yourself godly compassion while managing your emotions as a woman of God? Jessica Hottle shares how to manage difficult emotions while embracing your future with God’s love.

176: How to Manage Difficult Emotions with Self-Awareness and God’s Love with Jessica Hottle

As Christian women, how are we supposed to manage our emotions? It’s normal to have emotions that cause us shame, overwhelm and fear, but how can we offer these difficult emotions godly compassion? How can we cultivate emotional awareness and find healing from mindset struggles rooted in past pain?  In today’s episode, you will hear […]

Do you search for abundant living and wonder, “is this as good as it gets in life?” Wendy Pope shares about discovering the path to deep satisfaction in God and in life.

174: Discovering Abundant Living When You Wonder “Is This As Good As It Gets?” with Wendy Pope

  Do you ever wonder, “is this as good as it gets?” Maybe on the outside, life seems good (marriage, kids, etc.), but you still hunger for abundant living–a life filled with purpose and meaning. How do we discover abundant living when we know Christ is our true sense of satisfaction and our source of […]

Want to pray confidently and consistently? Hear from Valerie Woerner about overcoming obstacles so we can get closer to God through the power of prayer.

165: How to Pray Confidently and Consistently for More Connection with God with Valerie Woerner

Prayer is powerful and an essential part of our spiritual growth, but many of us struggle with praying confidently or praying regularly. If prayer is conversation with God, why does prayer feel so hard sometimes? What gets in the way of having a consistent prayer time? Since prayer connects us with God, and connection with […]

How can we stay strong during a spiritual battle? Seven ways to stay mentally strong during a spiritual battle, based on neuroscience and biblical truth.

162: 7 Ways to Stay Strong During a Spiritual Battle

Life is full of spiritual battles. How can we stay strong when we’re enduring spiritual attacks from the enemy? What can we do to be mentally strong during a spiritual battle? Let’s talk about seven different ways to stay strong during a spiritual battle, based on neuroscience and biblical truth.  WHAT YOU’LL LEARN:  [4:50] What […]

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