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  2. Pingback: Saturday Salutes
  3. Some great game ideas! Mum did a lot of these with us for homeschooling. Another favourite cd we have here in Australia is Colin Buchanan. He’s an absolute staple for Sunday Schools Down Under. I remember going to one of his concerts and being called up on stage with him when I was 8 and now this will the 3rd time I’ve taken my 3 year old to his concerts. (Yes, I know the first time was before she could even remember, but his concerts are so fun I needed an excuse to go!)

  4. Great ideas. Always looking for creative ways to learn Scripture! Thanks for linking up with #What to Read Wednesday. We hope you will come back again next week!

  5. We love that you included music since it can serve such an important role in helping people remember anything! Have you also considered showing kids music that is deeply connected to sacred texts from ages ago such as Bachj, Dufay, or Palestrina or more recent composers such as John Taverner Such beautiful music that can extend beyond memorizing to other kinds of connections!

  6. I have the book and it is wonderful – chock full of great, practical ideas and teachable moments where we can impart Scripture lessons to our dear ones. Sharing this with some friends who I know would love it!

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