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Vibrant Christian Living Podcast Launches January 28, 2019!

I’m thrilled to announce that the brand-new Vibrant Christian Living podcast goes live on January 28!

The VCL team and I working behind the scenes to put together this amazing new weekly podcast with me, Vibrant Christian Living founder Alicia Michelle.

The new Vibrant Christian Living Podcast will give you:

  • Meaningful spiritual encouragement
  • Inspiring conversations that make you stop and think
  • Practical tips and advice for overcoming obstacles
  • Encouragement that you’re not alone in your struggles
  • Actionable challenges to be the best woman God is calling you to be

Sound good? Great!

Then will you do these two things?

#1: Let Me Know What YOU Want to Hear About

What are your biggest struggles? Those things that drive you crazy and keep you up at night? Tell me about them here.

You see, I want this podcast to cover those everyday topics that matter to you.

But I can’t create amazing, binge-worthy content without knowing what you want to talk about. 🙂 #statingtheobvious

So, click on the button below to let me know those topics we must cover in this podcast.

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#2: Get Connected So You Don’t Miss an Episode

You’ll want to subscribe to the podcast (on iTunes or wherever else you listen) once the show goes live on January 28.

But I also encourage you to stay connected as part of our email community because I’ll send out a weekly email with each episode (and usually share some bonus material or behind-the-scenes stuff in there).

Plus you’ll get free regular encouragement, subscriber-only bonuses and more as part of the Vibrant Christian Living community. Sweet, right?

Click below so we can stay connected via email (and I can keep you up to date on the latest podcast info)!

Done both of those? AWESOME! 🙌

I’m super excited to go on this podcast adventure with you!

Remember… it all starts January 28!