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What Is a Personal Relationship with Jesus? (And How to Know God Personally)
What is a personal relationship with Jesus? Maybe you've heard that it's possible to know God personally, but you have[...]
How to Study the Bible for Yourself (Bible Study for Women)
Over and over, I’ve seen how a consistent Bible study for women is the basis for having the vibrant, purposeful life[...]
166: How to Manage Your Mind to Hear God’s Voice
How can managing our thoughts help us hear God’s voice and grow spiritually? What role do fear, negative thoughts and[...]
165: How to Pray Confidently and Consistently for More Connection with God with Valerie Woerner
Prayer is powerful and an essential part of our spiritual growth, but many of us struggle with praying confidently or[...]
164: 2 Questions to Ask When Surrendering to God for More Peace
Today we’re talking about surrendering to God for more peace. What does it mean to surrender? It’s more than simply[...]
163: How I Take Courage, Manage Anxiety, and Release Fear with Amy Debrucque
So many people struggle to manage anxiety, and it can feel so debilitating. As Christian women, we know we are[...]
162: 7 Ways to Stay Strong During a Spiritual Battle
Life is full of spiritual battles. How can we stay strong when we’re enduring spiritual attacks from the enemy? What[...]
161: How to Manage Overwhelm + Reduce Stress by Renewing Your Thoughts
I often get questions about how to reduce stress and manage overwhelm. As part of this series about the most[...]
160: 3 Ways to Keep a Positive Mindset When You're Surrounded by Negative People
Ever wonder “How can I keep a positive mindset when I’m surrounded by negative people?” This question came up frequently[...]
159: My Favorite Self Sabotage Strategy to Break Free from Self Sabotaging Behavior
“How can I break free from self sabotage?” is always one of the top mindset questions I’m asked as a[...]
158: Stop Self Sabotage with These Powerful Questions + Healthy Behavior Strategies
  Are you tired of engaging in self sabotage behavior? Then you’ll love the powerful questions and healthy behavior strategies[...]
157: Mindset Coaching: “Self-sabotage: Why can't I stop turning to food as comfort?” with Angela
Do you use food as comfort too? It’s such a common form of self-sabotage for women! Today I’m sharing a[...]
156: #1 Mindset Question: Self-Sabotage: How Do I Stop Doing What I Don’t Want to Do?
Here’s the #1 mindset question I’m asked as a mindset coach: How do I stop doing what I don’t want[...]
155: New Podcast Name! The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle
Welcome to the new podcast name: The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle! I’m so excited to share today more[...]
154: How to Let Go of Competition with Other Women and Build Connection with Misty Phillip
Do you struggle with competition with other women? Do you long to build community with others but find yourself stuck[...]
153: The Comparison Trap: Being Honest About Comparison in the Name of Self-Improvement with Heather Creekmore
Ever found yourself unintentionally stuck in the comparison trap? As we seek self-improvement and look to make our lives better[...]
152: How to Lose Weight + Love Your Body Better by Letting Go of Toxic Thoughts with Wendie Pett
Want to lose weight, eat healthy, work out more, detox, or improve your physical health in 2022? What if I[...]
151: 3 Year Podcast Anniversary! 5 Popular Episodes + a Big Announcement
Let’s celebrate! It’s our three year anniversary of The Vibrant Christian Living Podcast.  Three years ago I started this podcast[...]
150: Rediscovering the Power of God’s Redeeming Love with Francine Rivers
If there is one book that has taught me more than any other book, next to the Bible, about God’s[...]
149: A Fresh Look at How to Find Rest When You’re Tired of Being Tired with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
How can we find more rest when rest seems to be just out of reach? I understand–you want to get[...]