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What Is a Personal Relationship with Jesus? (And How to Know God Personally)
What is a personal relationship with Jesus? Maybe you've heard that it's possible to know God personally, but you have[...]
How to Study the Bible for Yourself (Bible Study for Women)
Over and over, I’ve seen how a consistent Bible study for women is the basis for having the vibrant, purposeful life[...]
137: How to Find Life Balance and Create Mental Space to Grow Closer to God with Christy Wright
I’m often asked “how do I create mental space to grow closer to God when my life is so busy?”[...]
136: How Christian Meditation Can Help a Teen Girl Renew Her Thought Life with Sarah Geringer
Christian meditation for teens is a wonderful way for teen girls and teen boys to learn how to renew their[...]
135: How to Be More Grateful for the Good Even in Hard Times
As we get closer to Thanksgiving, many of us start thinking about how to be more grateful and what it[...]
134: 6 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Keep You Stuck in Toxic Thinking
The most frustrating part of renewing your mind is self-sabotage.  Why would we work against ourselves to change our hearts[...]
133: Brain Priming: #1 Brain Hack to Renew Your Mind and Overcome Negative Thoughts
What is brain priming? How does brain priming work and why is this brain hack so effective in managing negative[...]
132: Mindset Coaching: “How Can I Let Go of Past Hurts to Feel Safe in New Relationships?” with Susan
Have you ever felt held back being who you want to be in a relationship? Maybe you’ve had past hurts[...]
131: Try This Brilliant Simple Mindset Switch to Quiet the Inner Critic
I frequently hear from women about how their inner critic runs the show, and I have struggled with it as[...]
130: How to Practice Love in Action in Everyday Life as a Christian with Somer Colbert
What does it look like to practice love in action? Is loving others or being “the hands and feet of[...]
128: Mindset Coaching: “How can I overcome my fear of pursuing God's calling?” with Stacey
Do you have a fear of pursuing God’s calling for your life? It can be overwhelming to think about the[...]
127: Mindset Coaching: “How can I stop thinking “I am not good enough?”” with Heidi
Ever feel like you’re not good enough? We all struggle with feeling like we’re not good enough sometimes. In fact[...]
126: Confessions of a Recovering Workaholic + Perfectionist
I am a recovering perfectionist and a recovering workaholic. Do you struggle with being a workaholic or a perfectionist too?[...]
125: How the Hustle Culture + Need to Achieve Nearly Took My Life
How does hustle culture and the need to achieve affect our thoughts and overall mental health? I believe the hustle[...]
124: Trusting God As We Follow God-Sized Dreams with Rachel Swanson
  Has God asked you to step out in faith to pursue God-sized dreams or a life calling that feels[...]
123: Overcoming Body Image Issues + Finding Body Confidence with Rachael Gilbert
We all struggle with body image issues, no matter what body type we have. Even as Christian women who know[...]
122: I Am an Addict with Amanda Anderson
What does it mean to be an addict or to be addicted to something?  As Christians we’re called to not[...]
121: Finding Spiritual Rest + Sabbath When You’re Stuck in Overfunction with Deanna Mason
What does spiritual rest or sabbath rest look like, and how can we give ourselves permission to embrace God’s gift[...]
120: The Truth About Finding Contentment in God During Trials with Nicole Jacobsmeyer
Are you in search of contentment? We all want to feel God's peace that surpasses all understanding. But how can[...]
119: Find Healing Through Grief by Serving Others with Ashley from Bridget's Cradle
How can we process grief in a healthy way that honors our emotions and honors God? How can we find[...]