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How Giving Thanks In Trials Can Change Your Life

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of when my husband lost his job. Now, one year later, we still are unemployed and life is more challenging than ever. In addition, for the past three months I’ve battled life-threatening medical issues. Let me tell you: I have many days where I don’t want to give thanks […]

Last week, a long awaited change happened in my heart--something formed from lots of

Believe It: Why YOU Are God’s Masterpiece

Last week, a long awaited change happened in my heart–something formed from lots of “how-do-I-handle-this?” conversations with God. It was a tiny change in my character development (only a handful of people probably noticed), but it reminded me again of this simple, beautiful thought: I am God’s masterpiece—a ever-changing work of art on display in this […]


Mommy Guilt: Conviction or Condemnation? 6 Steps to Freedom

Mommy guilt: Here’s how to tell the difference between a healthy conviction that we need to re-focus our efforts on our kids; and a negative, destructive thought pattern that seeks to destroy and undermine our self-confidence.   As my morning begins, my four kids surround me with their requests. “Mom! Look at my cartwheel! Watch me! Watch me!” […]