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Are you feeling defeated when stress and anxiety rise? Managing anxious thoughts, taking responsibility for anxiety, and uncovering a better way to respond can be implemented with a plan to increase calm.

171: It’s Time to Take Responsibility for Your Anxiety + Discover More Calm

Do you feel defeated when your stressful and anxious thoughts surface? We want to stop our anxiety in the moment and find a “quick-fix” strategy to help stop us from feeling the pain, but that doesn’t address the underlying mindset issues we’re facing. Let’s talk about how to manage anxiety, take responsibility for the anxiety […]

Are you struggling with guilt and shame because of your anxiety? There are healthy ways to let go of shame and release guilt around our anxiety, specifically by managing our own mental chatter and creating a personalized action plan.

170: How to Release Guilt Around Worry and Anxiety

Do you struggle with guilt and shame about your anxious thoughts? For Christians, guilt and shame often go hand-in-hand with anxiety struggles because we think, “I’m a Christian. I should be able to let go of worry!”  Let’s explore healthy ways to let go of the shame and release the guilt about worry, anxiety, and […]

How can we trust God when we fear getting hurt? I share some insight and encouragement on how to connect and grow a deeper relationship of trust with God.

167: How to Connect with God When You’re Struggling with Shame, Guilt + Not Feeling Enough

Many of us wonder “How can we connect to God and hear God’s voice?” We want to know when God is speaking, but often we overlook the mindset piece that can hinder our ability to hear God’s voice. When we’re struggling with shame and feeling not enough or we’re dealing with guilt it can be […]

Want to pray confidently and consistently? Hear from Valerie Woerner about overcoming obstacles so we can get closer to God through the power of prayer.

165: How to Pray Confidently and Consistently for More Connection with God with Valerie Woerner

Prayer is powerful and an essential part of our spiritual growth, but many of us struggle with praying confidently or praying regularly. If prayer is conversation with God, why does prayer feel so hard sometimes? What gets in the way of having a consistent prayer time? Since prayer connects us with God, and connection with […]

A conversation with Amy Debrucque about how to take courage and release fear so we can manage anxiety and live boldly for God as Christian women.

163: How I Take Courage, Manage Anxiety, and Release Fear with Amy Debrucque

So many people struggle to manage anxiety, and it can feel so debilitating. As Christian women, we know we are called to be brave, but anxiety often holds us back from what God has called us to do. In today’s conversation with Amy Debrucque, we discuss how to take courage and release fear so we […]

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