104: It’s Time to Take Action, Own Your Life + Find Spiritual Transformation

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Are you ready to find spiritual transformation and to grow closer to God? Today I have some tough love for you. I want to empower you to own your life spiritually–to overcome your fear and obstacles (and move through any feelings of being spiritually stuck) by choosing to advocate for the spiritual growth you need.
Someone needs this (loving) encouragement to do what it takes to grow spiritually, whether that’s setting up boundaries around your time, getting your spiritual questions answered, or finding Bible study resources to help you grow in Christ. Is it you?
Friend, let’s talk today about how to own your life—your spiritual life.
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Connected Bible Community


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NEXT STEPS: Join the Connected Bible Community and Cultivate Ongoing Spiritual Growth with God

Not sure how to read the Bible and find real connection with God?

Maybe you want to have a quiet time with God but you can't find time (and you feel so guilty about that).

Do you feel shame for past mistakes and wonder why God would want to spend time with you?

Or maybe your heart is filled with questions about God that make you doubt your faith.

Whatever the reason, in the Connected Bible Community we understand and we're here to help you overcome spiritual growth obstacles and cultivate ongoing spiritual growth so that you can continually grow closer to God and find the lasting peace and joy you're looking for!

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The Connected Bible Community is a monthly Bible study for women on identity that uses a proven Bible study tool (the Spiritual Growth Rhythm™) that allows you to connect with God and grow in your faith in around 10 minutes a day.

We're also a caring, committed community of women from all over the world who gather online for prayer, encouragement and fellowship!

How is the Connected Bible Community different? Every month you'll get:

  • A beautiful monthly Bible magazine with your daily Bible study materials plus devotionals, weekly check-in pages, additional journaling exercises, coloring pages and more!
  • Weekly teaching sessions and prayer (so you can share what you're learning with other ladies and dive deeper on the month's topic)
  • An accountability network, prayer group, and place to share honestly with other women (so you'll know you're not alone and others have your back)
  • Library of spiritual growth resources to help you overcome spiritual growth obstacles
  • Optional group coaching with powerful resources to overcome spiritual growth obstacles and the thoughts/mindsets that hold you back from being your best

Go here to join this wonderful Bible community where we're committed to connect with God, connect with ourselves and connect with other women.

If you’re looking for a way to grow deeply with God, find more peace, feel less alone and discover accountability and friendship with a group of loving Christian sisters from all over the world, the Connected Bible Community is exactly what you need!

Join the Connected Bible Community now!

P.S.  Reading this and it's not Feb 20-26, 2021 when we have open enrollment in the Connected Bible Community? No problem. 

Go to VibrantChristianLiving.com/Connected to get on the wait list (we'll notify you when we're opening again!) and see what other on-demand spiritual growth resources may be available at this time.