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Ep 114: Mindset Matters: 7 Weapons of Warfare to Renew Your Mind

When it comes to renewing your mind, friend, you and I are in a battle. The Bible tells us to guard our thoughts against anything that opposes God’s truth about us. Yet we continually struggle with negative thoughts that the enemy throws at us as part of the battlefield of the mind. What are some spiritual weapons of warfare you can use to renew your mind and manage your thoughts?
In today's podcast episode, I'm introducing you to 7 Christian mindset strategies (plus several renew your mind Bible verses) to help you be transformed by the renewing of your mind as it says in Romans 12:2. 
In order to live a confident life founded on God's promises you must transform your mind with God's truth. You must guard your thoughts and regularly renew your mind. In today's Vibrant Christian Living Podcast episode I'm going to introduce you to these mindset weapons of warfare based on scripture and brain science to help you take charge of your thoughts and transform your life and your relationship with God!
Spoiler alert: we use these 7 weapons in the Christian Mindset Makeover course! This mindset course (at time of recording) is going to be open in a beta format in May 2021.
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What does it mean to renew our mind according to the Bible and why does renewing your mind matter? How can taking charge of your thoughts radically transform your life and your relationship with God? Managing our thoughts is truly the place to start if we want to have any sort of transformation, and I can’t wait to share more about the importance of renewing your mind in today’s podcast episode!


This powerful resource is a wonderful way to take the first steps to control of your thoughts and renewing your mind according to the truths of the Bible.

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As a Bible teacher, author and professional Christian life coach, Alicia Michelle empowers women to cultivate a closer walk with Christ through her Connected Bible Community, and other 5Rs Bible Study™ resources; and to find life balance and overcome negative thought patterns through her signature coaching programs (Reset Life Balance Group Coaching; The Mindset Makeover).  As host of the Vibrant Christian Living Podcast, she inspires thousands of women each week with practical tips and powerful inspiration on how they can create the life of their dreams and live out God’s best plan for their lives. Alicia is also the creator of the Spiritual Growth Rhythm,™ a simple way for anyone to apply biblical truth and connect with God in less than 10 minutes a day.  Alicia is a wife to her best friend and husband of 19 years, and a mom of four very vibrant children (ages 17 to 8).  Follow her on Instagram at @vibrantchristianliving and learn more about the Connected Bible Community and group coaching programs at VibrantChristianLiving.com.

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