117: Mindset Matters: Time for a Mindset Makeover to Renew Your Thoughts

Ready to renew your thoughts with a mindset makeover? We’ve been talking for several weeks now about why managing our thoughts matters, the power of renewing our minds, how to stop overthinking, mindfulness for Christians and so much more. I’ve given you Bible verses and scientific evidence on how to renew your mind so you can battle toxic thought patterns, manage anxiety, and find more peace. 
But all of this is meaningless if you don’t implement the 3 steps we’re going to talk about today to help you take action in managing negative thoughts and renewing your mind. These tools are the key to our success when it comes to managing our thoughts! Don’t miss this episode in our Mindset Matters podcast series where we’ll talk about the 3 things you’ll need for a mindset makeover to renew your thoughts. 

NEXT STEPS: Get the Practical Mindset Tools You Need to Renew Your Thoughts with the Christian Mindset Makeover Course

Struggle with anxiety, worry and the inner critic? Need help with overthinking or perfectionism?

Tired of being trapped by negative thoughts (that you know aren't true but you can't seem to get rid of)? 

If you're ready to learn proven mindset tools to renew your mind and overcome negative thought patterns (based on the Bible and the latest neuroscience research), then you need to join us for the Christian Mindset Makeover™! Renew your mind | mindset matters | spiritual weapons of warfare | battlefield of the mind | renewing your mind | Christian Mindset | romans 12:2 | be transformed by the renewing of your mind | how to renew your mind | renew your mind bible verses | renew your mind meaning | renewing your mind bible study pdf | transform your mind | why your thoughts matter | why your mindset matters | getting a new mindset | guard your thoughts bible verse | scriptures on the mind is the battlefield | bible verses about changing your mindset | guard your mind and heart | guard your heart | bible verses about controlling your thoughts kjv | bible verse about thoughts running your life | bible verses about thoughts | scriptures on the mind and thoughts | managing your thoughts | free mindset training | renew your mind pdf | Christian Mindset MakeoverThe Christian Mindset Makeover™ is a 9-week boot camp course for Christian women who have been stuck in negative thought spirals and want practical, applicable mindset tools (based on science and the Bible) to renew their mind and create new thought patterns that bring peace, confidence, joy and hope.  

Friend, you don't have to be held back by negative thought patterns like comparison, shame, condemnation, overthinking, anxiety, or fear any more!

In this 9-week Christian mindset “boot camp” I'll teach you the life-changing, practical skills you need to notice your thoughts, capture any thoughts that don't line up with God's truth and rewire your thoughts using the latest brain science techniques (previously only taught in my coaching programs)!

Imagine how your life (and your relationships) could dramatically change if you were able to take control of your thoughts!

You will walk away from this course confident, strong and feeling victorious over those old ways of thinking that kept you from feeling your best and living God's best plan for you.

Join us today for the Christian Mindset Makeover so you can get the tools you need to cultivate a renewed mind, more peaceful thoughts and a life lived from the power of God's promises.