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10 Ground Rules for Fighting Fair in Marriage
Fights. Arguments. “Intense discussions.” Whatever you call them in your marriage, these difficult conversations can be extremely challenging.  However, I[...]
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5 Tips for Ongoing Marriage Issues That Drive You Crazy
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Why Christian Marriages Need More Sex Than Ever
We all long to have a strong Christian marriage. Unfortunately, many of our Christian marriages are suffering simply because we've stop[...]
The Secret of a Successful Lifelong Marriage
In a few weeks, my husband and I will have been happily married for fifteen years. Which has got me[...]
5 Warning Signs of an Emotional Affair
Emotional affairs don’t happen overnight but result from several seemingly insignificant everyday decisions (and the belief in many subtle lies).[...]
Are Unrealistic Expectations Ruining Your Marriage?
I have conversations all the time with an imaginary man. In fact, I'll bet you do too. You see, we[...]
The Surprising Secret to Better Sex in Christian Marriage
I'll bet you're here because you want to have better sex in your Christian marriage. What Christian couple doesn't want[...]
How to Keep a Strong Marriage While Homeschooling
In the midst of homeschooling, parenting and homemaking, it's easy for us to take certain things for granted. You know,[...]
When Your Husband Travels: 18 Keys I’ve Learned for Survival
Even after 14 years of marriage, it still rocks my world every single time my husband travels on business. I don’t[...]
How Couples Massage Can Intentionally Build Your Marriage
In a recent post, I shared about how little, incremental choices over time had added up and were taking a toll[...]
Real Marriage: Why My Spouse Is Not The Enemy
A real marriage will never be picture-perfect and is constantly in a state of change. That's because real marriages are[...]
Celebrating Marriage: My Husband, My “Old Friend”
While my husband and I were brushing our teeth a few nights ago, I recalled a conversation I'd had earlier[...]