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26 Ways Busy Parents Can Have More Date Nights

You’ve heard it over and over again: Date nights are an important part of keeping a marriage strong and vibrant.

But, like me, you live in the real world, right?

You live in the world of limited time, tons of distractions, and of hectic work schedules.

You live in the world of kids who have constant needs and of unexpected expenses.

And date nights? Well, they’re one of those things you aspire to as a couple, but maybe you’re convinced that date nights are just not practical for this stage of life.

Your lives are focused around raising babies, growing a career, and honestly, just trying to make ends meet. You’re not sure you can squeeze one more thing into that insane schedule.

I live in this world too. My husband and I have four kids (that we homeschool), plus we both have work-at-home careers. Time is our most valuable commodity as we work together to parent, encourage, and let’s face it–shuffle–our four kiddos to all their activities.  We live on a budget and work very hard to make every dollar stretch.

And yet, date nights have been a regular part of our marriage for our entire 15 years together.

I share that to say that we get it.

We understand the reasons why regular date nights are difficult. We deal with the same obstacles that other couples face.

You know date nights can really strengthen your marriage. But how in the world do you make them happen? Discover the 6 most common reasons why couples don’t plan more date nights, and learn 26 amazingly creative ways to solve them! This post will give you the tools and ideas you need to REALISTICALLY add date nights as a regular part of your marriage! If you’ve been stumped about how to make date nights really happen, you’ve GOT to read this post!

However, there are a few simple mindsets we’ve adopted about date nights. We keep our definition of a date night flexible, adjust the type of date nights to fit our family’s current lifestyle, and we simply choose to make it a regular part of our family’s rhythm (more on that in a minute).

But most importantly, we’ve discovered 26 powerful-yet-simple solutions for the 6 biggest obstacles that keep busy couples like you and me from experiencing the marriage-revitalizing power of date nights.

And I can’t wait to share with you our secrets in this post!

Friend, I get it that planning regular date nights can be a challenge. I’m not here to add guilt. Truly.

Instead I want to talk about those common issues and give you some utterly simple-yet-revolutionary solutions that work!

You’ll love how regular date nights with your spouse will:

  • bring you the added closeness you’re longing for
  • grow your relationship in new and powerful ways
  • give you a fun chance to escape and unwind together; and
  • offer the opportunity to enjoy life more as a couple!

Ready to get started and to (finally!) discover realistic ways to add date nights to the regular rhythm of your marriage?

I think you’ll find yourself relating to each of these common “why we don’t have a date night” reasons.

Reason #1 is probably the biggest issue for most couples… (click next to see it, and to discover how we’ve solved it on our marriage).


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