3: How to Grow Closer to God with 9 Spiritual Growth Secrets

What does it look like to grow closer to God, connect with God regularly and have a vibrant spiritual life?

Knowing Jesus and connecting with God is more than just reading our Bibles or going to church. So what can it look like to have a powerful, growing relationship with Jesus?
Today’s episode gives us practical tools and mindsets for going deep with God everyday, even for the busiest of people like you and me.
Discover the habits, mindsets and practices we can rely on to know God, experience His life-changing presence and to really have that “life to the fullest” Jesus calls us to enjoy in John 10:10.

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You’ll Learn:

  • Why daily connection with God is one of the best ways to live a balanced life
  • 3 simple habits to build an authentic relationship with God
  • 6 important mindsets for life-changing, daily spiritual growth
  • An easy Bible study method for spiritual growth in 10 min a day

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Free 3-Day Bible Study to Help You Grow Closer to God

Why not take the first step to growing closer to God and learning spiritual growth secrets  by giving this free 3-day Bible Studya try? It's an awesome way to find wisdom, hope and grow your relationship with God.
You'll learn a simple 3-step method for connecting with God each day called the Spiritual Growth Rhythm.
Download this awesome free 3-Day Bible study so you can try the Spiritual Growth Rhythm for yourself and you can grow closer to God in around 10 minutes a day.

About Alicia Michelle

Alicia Michelle is a certified NeuroCoach™, Bible teacher, speaker and host of The Christian Mindset Coach Podcast and You Tube Show. More importantly, she’s a lover of Jesus, a wife of 21 years to her best friend, and mom of four amazing kids ages 19 to 10. Alicia struggled with overthinking, negative thoughts and “being enough” for most of her adult life until God radically transformed her heart after a life-threatening medical crisis. Now through her signature courses and coaching programs she loves equipping women with practical, scientific and biblically-based mindset tools to help them overcome negative thought patterns and discover more confident, joyful lives in Christ. Listen to her on the podcast or on You Tube; download free workshop trainings at VibrantChristianLiving.com; and connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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