5: How to Find Hope Despite Chronic Illness

Are you in constant, chronic pain or deal with chronic illness? I want to show you how to find hope despite chronic illness.

How can we find hope and joy in everyday living when we're in pain every single day? It's possible.
In this episode we address those big “why” questions we ask about chronic illness. You can also read more Bible verses about joy here.
Plus I share what I’ve learned about living with chronic illness and ongoing pain, the practical tools and mindsets I cling to when I am in my hardest moments, and how chronic illness can drive us closer to Christ than we can ever imagine.

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You’ll Learn:

  • My story about chronic illness and pain
  • Answers to the biggest “why” questions we ask about chronic illness
  • The spiritual crossroad every chronic illness sufferer faces
  • 6 practical ways to maintain a healthy, positive mindset through chronic illness

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