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Does the stress of the Christmas season make you want to run and hide? Ruth Chou Simmons shares about how to break free from the holiday hustle and connect with God.

185: Want Connection with God this Christmas? How to Break Free from the Holiday Hustle with Ruth Chou Simons

Tired of the holiday hustle this Christmas and looking for more connection with God as you celebrate the holidays with family and friends? Many of us look forward to the holiday season as a chance to discover Christmas joy, but often find ourselves swept up in the busyness and hustle. That can create a mindset […]

How can we find hope when times are difficult? Learn how to break free from hopelessness to find courage and to believe that God is going to come through.

139: How to Break Free From Hopelessness and Find Hope in Times of Despair with Julie Sanford

How can we find hope when times are difficult?  We may have hope when times are easy, but what happens when that hope turns to despair and we’re plagued with negative thoughts of hopelessness? Even if we have faith in God, when there is something so terrible, so difficult, so unimaginable happening in front of […]

Practicing gratitude is easy when life is good, but how can we practice gratitude when hard times hit? How can we be more grateful when we’re unhappy with life circumstances? How to find more gratitude when walking through trials, plus a free gratitude challenge.

135: How to Be More Grateful for the Good Even in Hard Times

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, many of us start thinking about how to be more grateful and what it means to be grateful. Gratitude is much easier when life is good, but how can we practice gratitude when hard times hit? How can we authentically practice gratitude when we are frustrated and unhappy with […]

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120: The Truth About Finding Contentment in God During Trials with Nicole Jacobsmeyer

Are you in search of contentment? We all want to feel God’s peace that surpasses all understanding. But how can we find contentment in God during trials?   We all wonder how to find contentment in Christ when we’re struggling through life challenges, don’t we? That’s what my guest Nicole Jacobsmeyer and I talk about […]


77: Transformation Story: How Julie Got Unstuck + Rediscovered Godly Joy

Feeling stuck in life and you don’t know what you need to move forward? Maybe on the outside everything seems good, but inside you’ve lost godly joy, and you desperately need soul rest and life balance.   That was Julie’s story. She knew the truth about God’s promises, but couldn’t understand why she felt distant […]