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Are you feeling defeated when stress and anxiety rise? Managing anxious thoughts, taking responsibility for anxiety, and uncovering a better way to respond can be implemented with a plan to increase calm.

171: It’s Time to Take Responsibility for Your Anxiety + Discover More Calm

Do you feel defeated when your stressful and anxious thoughts surface? We want to stop our anxiety in the moment and find a “quick-fix” strategy to help stop us from feeling the pain, but that doesn’t address the underlying mindset issues we’re facing. Let’s talk about how to manage anxiety, take responsibility for the anxiety […]

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59a: Bible Verses for Fear + When Life Feels Out of Control

Do not fear. It’s a truth we’ve heard over and over, but when our world feels chaotic and hard times come, do you still struggle with fear and anxiety? What are some Bible verses for fear, and for connecting with God and finding peace when life feels out of control? I’ve planned to record several […]

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53: How to Release Worry + Anxiety Through Prayer (Spiritual Growth Rhythm Pt 3)

Need to know how to release worry and anxiety? Want to learn how to pray more and worry less?   Today’s episode shares a proven way to release worries and fears through prayer as part of your daily connection with God.  In John 10:10, Jesus says, “I have come so that you may have life, […]