19: Mindset Matters: How to Calm Down When You’re Stressed Out

Stress and anxiety fill our world, so it’s essential we learn how to calm down and stay calm.
Thankfully, God has given us several practical ways to learn how to relax and to calm down  when we’re stressed out (essential skills for life balance), and they're based on the four parts of self mentioned in the Bible. 
Whether you need to know how to calm yourself down when you’re angry or when you’re dealing with anxiety, I want to help you create a personalized plan (using the four parts of self: mind, heart, soul, body) to learn how to relax your mind, your body and your spirit so that you can be less frustrated and find peace during an especially stressful day. 
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We'll talk about:

  • The amazing way God created our bodies to calm down (using what's already around us)
  • Practical ways to calm down using our mind, spirit, body and heart
  • How to make your own list of calm down techniques

Let's learn how to chill out and calm down when life is crazy!

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Free Bible Study to Help You Manage Anxiety + Find More Calm

As we share about in today's episode, when we need to find calm it can be an excellent opportunity for us to grow closer to God and lean into His strength and power.
Worry and fear are often also struggles when we're wondering how to find more calm.
This powerful free Bible study also will teach you the Spiritual Growth Rhythm–a simple way to receive God's wisdom through Bible study, recognize God at work and release worry and fear to Him. 
And of course, don't forget to download the free 3-Bible study on Managing Fear + Anxiety.It's my gift to you, friend!