4: Unlock the Secret to Life Balance (Free Assessment)

Do you feel out of whack and you're looking for life balance? Maybe you’re doing “all the right” things, but life still feels incomplete… like something is missing?  You're stuck, overwhelmed by your emotions, and need help managing negative thoughts.
I’ve been there, and in today’s episode I’m going to help you find peace, clarity, and a more satisfying life by teaching you about your four parts of self as found in the Bible.

Today's episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to enjoy a happier, more centered life! Plus I want to give you a free life balance assessment so you can take the first step to find healing and hope.

Unlock the secret to life balance with this powerful podcast for Christian women on whole self living!
Understanding how to nourish each of the 4 parts of self (what I call “Whole Self Living”) is the key to fulfillment and to unlocking your best life, no matter your life season.

Plus this episode includes a FREE QUIZ: “Are You Living Your Best Life?” –an incredible tool for learning WHY your life feels out of balance.

Download the free quiz: Are You Living Your Best Life?

Let me help you end the battle for “live balance” and be set free to enjoy the life season you’re in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:
  • A transformative mindset that ends the search for “life balance”
  • The 4 parts of “whole self living” as defined in the Bible
  • Several dozen Bible verses for “whole self living”
  • 4 questions to ask for healthy “whole-self living”

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Download the Free Life Balance Assessment 

Wondering how each of your 4 parts of self are doing? Download this free life assessment so that you can take the first step to healing and hope.

Don't miss the FREE LIFE ASSESSMENT: “Is Your Life Out of Balance?” here!

Download the free quiz: Are You Living Your Best Life?

This amazing resource is the perfect next step. Discover which life areas YOU are out of balance, and take the first step toward a happier, more centered life!