9: How to Create an Emotionally Restful Lifestyle That Works for You

As Christian women, how can we get the regular emotional rest we need to stay sane (and discover our best selves) that’s based on our unique personality, life season and core values?
If you’re facing burnout or need emotional replenishment, this episode not only has practical tips for rest, but will help you understand why you avoid rest and how to create a more restful lifestyle that provides emotional replenishment based on your unique personality and values. Don’t miss it!
Listen, we don’t need more fluff about the theory of rest that’s laden with all kinds of “shoulds” and feels impossible to live out in the real world. 
Instead we need practical, everyday solutions on how to live emotionally replenished lives that really work because they’re customized to fit our unique emotional makeup and needs. 
Today we’re going to talk about two key elements to emotional wellness—recognizing capacity and pursuing replenishment—and the secret sauce that binds these two principles together to create a realistic plan that truly does lead to happier, centered, balanced living. 

You’ll Learn:

  • Why so many of us secretly dismiss our need for regular replenishment
  • The truth behind human capacity
  • How to discover what YOU personally find restful
  • Simple baby steps for welcoming replenishment rhythms into your life

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