82: Overcoming Your Biggest Self-Care Obstacles with Carlie Kercheval

Why is self-care hard for so many of us to practice? And why do we feel self-care guilt when we know the importance of self-care?
In today's episode my dear friend Carlie Kercheval and I are sharing the results of a recent survey where we asked YOU: What are your biggest self-care obstacles? 
This was fascinating and so insightful, so thank you to the hundreds of women who participated!
Join us for this encouraging conversation on self-care as we share the insight scoop on why self-care is such a challenge for so many Christian women. And of course, we'll be sharing insights on what has helped us make self-care a priority and regular habit.
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You'll learn:
  • 3 big lies that keep women for taking better care of themselves
  • 10 big reasons why we fear self-care
  • Encouragement that you're not alone in your self-care struggles
  • Practical truths to help you create healthy self-care habits
We know you'll resonate with all that we share from the self-care survey. Listen to today's episode here!

Next Steps: Join us for the 2020 Christian Women's Self-Care Conference!

Do you struggle with making self-care a priority? Is self-care something that you long to do, but aren't sure how to make happen?
As women of God, we long to honor Christ by taking care of our mind, body and spirit. At the 2020 Christian Women Self-Care Conference you'll hear from 55 other amazing sisters in Christ who have powerful encouragement and tips for how to make ongoing self-care a regular habit that brings glory to God.
Some of the topics covered in this Christian self-care conference include:
  • Self-care for our minds, including overcoming lies and managing emotions from a biblical perspective
  • Self-care for our bodies, including healthy body image issues, nutrition help and other ways to nourish our physical self
  • Self-care for our souls, including tips on growing closer to God and finding soul rest in the midst of a hectic life
Plus help with finding time and motivation for self-care, and so much more!
The conference will be from Nov 9-13…and the best news of all? You can attend for free!

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