2: You Were Made for More Than Survival Mode

Want to go from surviving to thriving? Let's talk about how to find significance and live a life of purpose by first stepping out of survival mode and overwhelm.

Feel like there’s “more” out of life, but you have no idea what that is or how to find it? Then today’s episode is for you.

You’ll discover that, yes, you were called to greater things (including a relationship with God); and we’ll talk about how survival mode can be a wonderful invitation to find that life of fulfillment, peace and greater purpose you were created to enjoy.

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You’ll Learn:

  • Why so many of us are stuck in survival mode
  • What to do when you're stuck in survival mode
  • 2 obstacles that keep us from our greater purpose
  • #1 action step for discovering life purpose and significance
  • How to move from religion to relationship with God

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